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Currently there are some restrictions in the usage of the converter. One of the main restrictions is the fact that the converter currently only runs on Windows. This is due to the fact that the needed ArcEngine did never reliably work on Linux. This was tested with ArcEngine 10.0.

Supported datasources:

  • ArcSDE-passwords cannot be read since they are encrypted. The converter exports the string <PASSWORD> which needs to be replaced later on in the resulting mapfile.
  • Since MapServer cannot use a FileGeodatabase datasources (yet) the MXD2map does not support this datasource and will not transform the MXD-file at all. This may change in the near future.
  • Raster data is not supported by the converter yet, though ArcSDE Raster-support will be available in the near future.

Symbol support:

  • Line symbols with pattern cannot be combined with marker symbols. The converter reads all symbols and writes the corresponding styles to the resulting mapfile but the marker symbols are rendered without any gap. The resulting mapimage may not look as intended.


    Workarround: For small marker symbols it is recommended to use a line symbol in combination with pattern (in ArcGIS called template) to create the symbology. The reason why marker symbols cannot be used in combination with a template is the difficulty to interpret the read attributes like marks and gaps and write the appropriate symbols with the appropiate gap to the mapfile.

  • The converter sets the width to 1 for line symbols that have a width smaller than 1.


    To avoid lines and line colors (specially outlines) to be handled by the converter, use integer numbers for line width only.

  • In ArcGIS maps default symbols can be defined as fallback within classifications. Since MapServer does not support such fallback symbols or styles within classifications the converter does not read these default symbols.

  • In ArcGIS predefined symbols like bars or pie charts can be used to display values. The converter does not support these symbols yet.

Layer support:

  • Expressions for label are parsed by an internal parser in ArcGIS. The interpretation of this expressions is very limited though. Therefore label expressions may not contain any special functions or must fit the mapserver expression design pattern.